Aquiles Carattino

I am a physicist, an entrepreneur, and a Python developer.

I built this website to help scientists in their path to fully control scientific instrumentation.
From microscopes to test benches, I have helped lots of people through my courses and through consultancy projects.

I started developing Python programs while doing my PhD. I quickly learned that automation would open a fascinating world of experimentation.
Dealing with instruments, data, user interfaces was all daunting at the beginning. Endless hours of study, trial, and error, finally paved the way to developing a core set of best practices that I have been predicating ever since.

I organize Python workshops for scientists, and help companies achieve their goals by embracing new paradigms.
My goal is to help people avoid mistakes, and to develop a set of standards (both programs and practices) that enable the exchange of ideas and the joint development of solutions.

Having Python in my toolbox was a critical asset for my next adventures.

Translating research tools into products requires a combination of skills, and programming is a critical aspect.
Once you realize you don't need to work around other's ideas, you can just push through and develop your own solutions, an entire world of opportunities opens in front of you.

Aquiles Carattino sailing in Portugal