Python Workshops

We offer different Python courses that adapt to your needs. From 1-day tailored workshops to 3 full days to bring the entire team to the same page.

All courses are face to face and they are offered at your location.
If you prefer individualized coaching, mentoring, and consultancy, please check the options about hiring me.

All the prices shown below do not include travel and accommodation. We offer academic discounts, ask us about them!

Python for the Lab

The original workshop
On location
4 to 8 participants
3 full days
Certificate provided

This is a complete introduction to using Python for controlling instruments. From the initial communication through USB to abstracting use cases.

We cover how to create responsive User Interfaces (UI) using Qt, how to save data, and how to perform some real-time analysis.

There is room to customize the workshop to your needs. For example, we can cover version control, or specific communication protocols.

Advanced Python for the Lab

For those with 2+ years of experience
On location
4 to 6 participants
3 full days
Certificate provided

This workshop is especially designed for people with at least 2 years of experience developing software. We go straight into the hardest topics, such as sharing data between processes, documenting code, and publishing packages.

This workshop offers the space to sort through the challenges people have already faced, while focusing on best practices. From data storage and retrieval, to network communication.

We review some strong patterns, such as the use of decorators, we dive into object-oriented Python, and explore other patterns that may be useful.

It is important that all participants share the same level of programming experience, so no one is left behind.

Introduction to Python for Scientists

Especially designed for those with little experience
On location
6 to 10 participants
3 half-days
Certificate provided

We have designed this workshop for those who have some programming experience but want to solidify their Python skills.

It is an introduction to data processing, reading files, saving data. Get used to the syntax of Matplotlib, and explore Spyder and Jupyter.

Depending on the affinity of the group, we can explore version control system, such as Git and Github, or dive into more complex Python patterns, such as Object-Oriented programming.

A basic understanding of programming and computer literacy is required to follow the workshop.

Custom Python Workshop

Tailored to your company's needs
On location
up to 15 participants
Certificate provided

Do you have a group and want to get them to the same page, but the contents of the standard workshops don't fit your requirements?.

We are able to design custom workshops for varied audiences. We focus on Python for Instrument control, but we are flexible regarding the scope. If it falls within our expertise, we will be more than happy to hear about your challenges.

A series of workshops (for example at a university or research institute) will be much more cost-efficient than a one-off project.

Use the link below to get in touch and discuss what we can do together.

What people are saying

💬 “It is a very nice and well-organized course. The contents are interesting and useful.”

💬 “Gives a clear understanding of the communication between a computer and instruments. At the end of the course, I was very satisfied to write a python module to control a DAQ. And making the user interface was fun.”

💬 “Excellent course, self-contained and, in my opinion, a great steppingstone to find your way to do instrumentation with Python. I loved the hands-on approach with a simple REAL device that gives you the insights (and experience) into the typical problems you encounter when doing instrumentation for the lab. It is very valuable that the trainer shares specific tips and tricks that come from a vast experience in this field. A total must for a researcher who wants to design new tools and experiments.”