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Illustration of the idea of singletons in Python Jan. 16, 2021 Singletons: Instantiate objects only once Singletons are a programming pattern that is often overlooked. However, in Python we use it all the time. In this article we explore what singletons are, and how we can define our own. Read More
twingo.gif Sept. 19, 2020 How Python for the Lab helped the developer of Twingo Twingo allows you to acquire and generate analog signals with ease. Learn how Michal leveraged Python for the Lab to achieve it. Read More
Multiprocessing on Windows and Linux June 13, 2020 Differences between multiprocessing on Windows and Linux Multiprocessing does not work in the same way for Windows and Linux systems. We explore the differences between the operating systems and what we can do to mitigate the problems that arise. Read More

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